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A need to know for Apple fans: What is Apple MFI Certification? Why is it important for USB cable?

MFi Certified is short form for “Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod” Certified which is a license that shows Apple Inc. has authorized the accessory. When a company receives Apple MFi certification and is allow to display Apple’s official MFi-related logos on the product package, it increases the possibility that the product from that manufacturer comply with Apple’s technical requirements.

Quality is guaranteed

The Certification Process is long and complex, including submit product plan, designs and packaging for approval, submit samples to Apple's independent testing facility to undergo strict mechanical, stress, and electrical tests etc. it’s claimed that the passing rate is only 2%-3%.

There are 2 types of Licenses: a Development License and a Manufacturing License. If a company has both licenses, it can develop and manufacture an MFI accessory by itself. Otherwise, an MFi Development Licensee has to work with another MFi Manufacturing Licensee if the company only get one of the licenses.

Therefore, purchasing an MFi Certified product means that you don’t need to worry about compatibility quality issues.


The point of the MFi program is to set technical standards that ensure product safety and compatibility with Apple devices.

Those non-certified lightning cables can be dangerous to your device as these cables can often get extremely hot which cause damage to your phone, and even make it completely fried and useless. Even though their price non-certified cables are much lower , the safety issue would be a matter of concern. Also, you may sometime receive a warning notice on your devices when a non-certificated was detected. Basically, your device can refuse to work with it, even if the cable itself is fine.

The MFi Certified cable has been tested more than once during production with advanced electrical testing equipment to ensure there are no defective problem can achieve the quality standards. Moreover, MFi Manufacturing facilities are routinely audited by Apply.


As the Certification Process is rigorous, company would invest a lot in product development and enhancement in order to get the approval. Apart from those those production, shipping and time cost, there is a tiny authentication chip offered by Apple inside each MFi Certified cable and the cost is about USD3. And this is the reason why MFi Certified much more expensive than non-certified one.

Fast Charging on iPhone

How to take advantage of the fast charge ability on you iPhone? What you need is “a usb-c to lightning cable” and “a USB-C PD charger which over 18W”. Although you can find many good quality PD charger with reasonable price on the market now, the most concern is usb-c to lightning cable as many cables haven’t get the approval from MFi-Certified. It’s not only causing safety matter, but also may not able to offer fast charging speed.

It’s reported that Apple is planning to approve third-party products of “Apple USB-C – Lightning Cable” The benefit to customers is that iPhone will be able to charge must faster in a safe way.

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