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Since 2013, MDOutlet has been manufacturing one of the world’s toughest and best Screen Protector. We have gradually expanded our product line to include various type of cases as well as complementary gadget for Android and Apple devices. Our goal is to offer our customers a better alternative to poorly made, bulky, and overpriced phone gadget. Our products are designed to be sleek, elegant and to enhance the experience you have with your devices. But honestly, what we enjoy the most is delighting our customers in sometimes unexpected ways (contact us using "surprise" as the subject line and see what happens). We are a small group of hard working, creative individuals who care about the products we sell and the people we sell to.

MDOutlet is proud to have an in depth knowledge on the screen protector that we are currently selling, as the saying goes ''Knowledge has to be shared to have value.'' we are happy to answer any question in regarding to manufacturing, quality and testing aspect .

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