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2.5D? 3D? Everything you need to consider before you buying a tempered screen protector? ( Part I )

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Premium smartphones are getting more expensive, for example, iPhone Xs Max starts at $1099. With the high cost of smartphone, it’s important to prepare the phone case and screen protector in advance in order to protect your phone against physical damage. You would not want to be in a situation where you have spent hundreds of dollars on a smartphone and end up with a scratched just few days later.

Yet, just like phone case, there are numerous of screen protectors in the market. The big question is, how to choose the best screen protector for your smartphone?

Generally, there are three types of tempered glass screen protector: 2.5D Standard, 2.5D Full Cover & 3D Curved Full Cover and the main difference is the edge coverage


1) 2.5D Standard Tempered Glass

The price for this screen protector is the lowest, it takes a slightly arc over the edge of the glass but do not have full coverage on the phone display. Therefore, this tempered glass screen protector is not very protective compare with the others. Yet, it can compatible with most of the smartphone in the market.

2) 2.5D Full Cover Tempered Glass

This type of screen protector offers your smartphone a better outlook comparing to non-full covered one. As 2.5D tempered screen protector means the protector edge is only a little curved, there is still a gap at the edge which does not fit perfectly with the whole screen. However, it’s not very expensive comparing to 3D curved full coverage.

3 ) 3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass

A 3D screen protector generally refers to a obviously curved design in the middle or at the edges. It offers all-round protection to prevent your phone screen from scratches and ensure it not easily to break while maintain a smooth and naked screen experience

However, it may not compatible to all kinds of cases or cover , especially when it apply to those high protective phone case like Otterbox 、UAG, may lead to edge lifting up problem.

Yet, MDOutlet has consider this problem and release those case-friendly 3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass while maintain it’s quality

What’s more, you also have to consider the hardness, the thickness and the materials when you would like to choose a good-quality tempered glass screen protector. And we will discussion this issue later.

Finally, which type of screen protector is the mostly perfect one? Actually, it’s best only when it fits and suitable for you

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