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Is it unavoidable to have white edge on the screen protector?

Most people found that sometime there are “halo effect” or so-called “white edges” on the transparent tempered glass screen protectors, and it’s hard to remove this white line. Now, let us tell you the truth behind.

Reason about the white edge on the screen protector:

1) More and more smartphones have curved screen such as Samsung devices. Even though iPhone devices seem to have a flat-display design, starting from iPhone 6, making a perfectly fit tempered glass screen protector has been a huge challenge to all of the brands like us.

2) Tempered glass is rigid., the harder the material, the easier it is to have white edges. Therefore, glass screen protector is easier to has the problem of white edge comparing to soft film screen protector.

The way to test the curve on the screen:

You can test the curve by pasting and sticking a transparent glass screen protector across the display surface, for the location where the glue cannot reach represent it is curved.

From the picture, you can see that even though for iPhone 8, there is slightly curved along the edges of the display. And the white edges problem is difficult to be solved by most of glass screen protectors in the market.



Making a tempered glass screen protector is complicate, let alone to produce a good quality of it, which cause to a higher retail price.

Full Glue Full Cover Glass Screen Protector:

We recommend consumer to purchase one type of screen protector which is called “ Full Adhesive Full Cover Screen Protector”. Normally, the edge of the glass is printed with different colors to minimize the chance of bubble line on the edge to be seen, and you can choose it according to your smartphone color.

Glue with Better Quality

If you are facing the issue similar to the picture shown, and find it hard to get rid of the white edges problem even if having used full glue full cover screen protector. You have to use the glass screen protector with more glue. Generally, the glue added within the glass screen protector is around 180g-200g, to solve the white edges problem of iPhone 8, the glue adopted should be around 250-300g. Yet, the use of this level of the glue will result in a relatively high wastage during the production process, which in turn increase the cost.

Although the price become higher, the screen protector provides you phone protection without any white edges problem.

Watchlist of Phone model in high chance of facing white edges problem:

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