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How to choose a GREAT Privacy Glass ?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Recently, more and more people are care a lot about their privacy, in order to keep personal and sensitive information away from strangers, using privacy screen protector become an increasing trend. Yet, how to distinguish whether the privacy screen protector is good and reliable?


The Principle of Privacy Screen Protector

Privacy Screen Protector use advanced Microlouver technology to block side views which have a filter allowing the light to pass through straight on, but not from the sides. The narrower the viewing angle is, the better the anti-spying effect. The most effective way to "black out" privacy is from side views outside 50-60 degree viewing angle while providing you with an excellent viewing experience.

Although some “Privacy Screen Protector” has a very low price, their quality may not meet your expectation and sometime may be tinted black to pretend Privacy Screen Protector. It not only provides no anti-spy function, but also impact the screen viewing.

Protective and Case Friendly

The screen protector and the phone case are complementing each other. Choosing those case-friendly Privacy screen protectors can provide double protector to your phone while prevent edge lifting up problem If you want to protect the entire mobile screen surface and curved edge, 3D curved full coverage privacy screen protector would be a good choice for you.

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